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Godrej Innovation and Design centre provides a platform to experiment, innovate and challenge the boundaries of contemporary design in India.

The challenge

Create a platform that allows curation of research and access to knowledge in order to facilitate innovation.

Godrej wanted to move towards digitalization of their research assets. They used the traditional method of documenting and storing information which lead to loss of important information and rework.

Current Situation

The information gathered by the users was

Our Process

Non-linear consumption

Easy discovery of relevant projects

A clear search and grouping of information allows users to explore content according to relevance. Further exploration of content is facilitated through recommendations.

Help researchers organise for better consumption

After understanding different ways through which people document research, we created a structure where the information is split into quotes, videos, images and concepts. Additional features allows flexibility to collect and collaborate.

Flexible format to upload and collaborate with team

With a three step process before publishing, we created the format where users can easily input large amounts of data. Users can gather social proof through statistics to see how others are interacting with their research.


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