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The Royal Opera House makes home for showcasing space and cultural performances par excellence. It is India’s only surviving Opera House.

The challenge

Create a ticket booking website with an experience showcasing the elegance and grandeur of Royal Opera House.

The Royal Opera House wanted to make an impression with it’s reopening by launching the MAMI film festival. Conveying this impression needed a branding and a website designed in mood with the aura of the Royal Opera House.


Crafting a strong identity and
supporting visual language

Brainstorming and conceptualisation helped us
arrive at an approriate image for the opera house.
The color palette and the font styles are aligned with
the essense of grandeur and elegance.

Curated imagery that gives a
sneak peak into the experience

The tone was communicated by
displaying an image that carried
depth and outlook complimenting the
minimal, quality content.

Showcasing current events with a
quick access to ticket booking

Putting a spotlight on the current events
with behind the scenes imagery, we tried
capturing the effort and ideas of the show
with quick and easy access to ticket

Grouping of content for easy

We listed all the information of an event on one page to match the users mental model, making it easy for them to scan content and make a decision on purchase.

Easy scanning and filtering process for
events with a quick checkout process

Giving provision for filtering by category and date eases the scanning and decision making process for the user. Along with easy selection of seats we tried to make the checkout process

Responsive design across devices

Responsive designs improve user experience, whether they are on the desktop, mobile or tablet. With mobile usage on the rise, we made sure our designs work across devices.


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Royal Opera House