• 16 March 2018

    Making digital more human through UX design.

    Meet human. Our brand new identity for a brave new digital world. More than 5 years since our inception as Craft we’re now realigning our goals with the ever burgeoning digital economy.

    What's new?

    Bringing Human to the center of it all.

    As we move towards a hyper digital era, we want to keep the human element alive in digital interactions. We want to work with brands to make digital more palpable. More approachable. More lively. And importantly — more human.

    Partners not Design Vendors.

    Design is not a function to be looked at in a silo. Increasingly, our endeavour will be to bring forth design thinking in large and small organizations. We want companies to look at us as partners accountable and responsible for the growth of their businesses.

    Experience Design beyond UI-UX.

    While we’re constantly evolving in the digital design space, we would love to learn and explore newer technologies and how it will impact design thinking. If VR, AR and AI be the future then we want to be at the forefront of offering those experiences to the users. We’re looking at partnering with such tech based companies and offer our services.

    Launch ‘Human Wave’

    We witness a lot of good work happening around us in the development sector. Whilst there are champion leaders and visionaries working towards creating a better world, we want to do our bit too. Going forward, we will partner with NGOs and social entrepreneurs and help them solve problems through design. ‘Human Wave’ is an initiative to make design and creative thinking accessible to all the do-gooders.

    Lastly, would you like one of these handmade robots?

    Yes, we make them. Drop in anytime to our office and take them. We would love to chat as well over some chai while you are here.

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