“wave. is an initiative to create social impact through design. We want to make good design accessible to NGOs, social entrepreneurs. technology philanthropists, torchbearers of social innovation and any such individuals and organizations working towards creating a more equitable and inclusive society.”

Tell Stories

Thought provoking stories that nudge people from inaction to action.



Immersive experiences for Web. Mobile and offline touchpoints.


Stellar Team

Work with socially sensitive, compassionate and highly driven designers and creative thinkers.

Strategic thinking

We make strategy to the core of our design thinking.


We are partners working on a common vision.

We would like to work with

NGOs, philanthropic organizations, think tanks, universities, government agencies, tech innovators, social enterprises and any one championinging noble causes.

Got some of these questions on your mind?

  • What projects would you work on?

    We will take up design assignments that help the non-profit organisation achieve their larger objectives. Be it the overall branding/image or building/creating a digital asset or revamping their website/product. We will be reluctant to discuss short term assignments such as social media posts, website banners etc.

  • Who can approach us?

    Social entrepreneurs, NGOs, Government run NGOs, organisations for public welfare and any other organisation/individual working for the well-being of others.

Do you have a high impact idea to challenge the status quo?