Validate Concepts

Take an informed decision before the product goes live. Save on development and redesigning efforts and cost.

Understand pain points

Uncover accessibility issues and structural flaws (like in navigation, content, design, usability) which leads user to drop out.

Increase conversions

Learn how real users interact with your product and what’s making them leave your platform without finishing the site goals


Recordings of your users interacting with your product

Audio, video or both recordings of real users sharing their thoughts while using your product
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Structured analysis of the observations

Reports include – analysis of all the recordings including collective pain points, users’ feelings and thinking, ratings and confusing or misleading navigations.
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Prioritised action list based on feedback

Our experts analyse the reports and give you feedback on how to make your platform more user-friendly and help you accomplish your site goals.
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Remote user testing

An online software program to record the screen as our recruited users use your product in their comfortable environment.

In-person user testing

Meeting with users face-to-face allows us to have an open conversation about your product issues and flaws.

Got some of these questions on your mind?

Boost your business by knowing how the user thinks