• 19 March 2018

    The human captcha!

    “I’m not a robot”, the captcha says, asking you to check the box beside it. Enter some garbled text to prove that you are not a piece of code. Identify a common object.

    The captcha experience!

    The captcha experience!

    This made me question — why? And does it have to be so boring?

    We turned the phrase around, reframing it as “Prove that you’re human”, and making it the title for this ‘project’. We started finding situations where it would be necessary for someone to prove they are human.

    Our launch party, thus, was our perfect chance to play with this concept. An aha moment — let’s create a forced barrier to entry — what if we find engaging ways for people to prove they are human before they interact with a certain aspect of the event. A play of words — “humans only — please prove you are human to enter”. A game — “make something human before you unlock your right to get a piece of cake”

    And so the concepts started pouring in.

    With just a week in hand to create this tangible interface — the challenge was exciting.

    The Concept

    From the ones that emerged, one particularly struck us. But before talking about it, I’ll invite you to try it:

    The Captcha walkthrough!

    The Design

    Introduction page

    The Introduction page.


    A huge geometric triangle pattern to crack in 5 seconds, an impossible task to humans.


    A complex equation to solve in 5 seconds, which is again an impossible task.


    Options to the complex equation. All the options are incorrect, which the user is oblivious to.


    The final screen, welcoming everyone as they all got the answers wrong to impossible questions, as they were all human.

    Creating delight!

    Words cannot express enough in here, so we are putting up some videos of how people reacted to the human captcha!

    Recording of reactions of people responding to the captcha: Participant 1

    Recording of reactions of people responding to the captcha: Participant 2

    What’s your take on the captcha? We’re curating fun ways to “prove you’re human”. Send in your ideas to hello@thehumanexperience.io and we’ll be happy to feature your work here.